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Caffè Florian, one of the oldest coffeehouses in the world, opened in St. Mark’s Square, where it still stands today, on December 29, 1720 under the name "Alla Venezia Trionfante", or “Triumphant Venice”. In a short few months, Venetians began calling it “Florian’s” after the name of the Caffè’s founder, Floriano Francesconi.
Florian is renowned worldwide for its unique, timeless style, for the silver trays food and drinks are served on, and for the waitstaff’s unmistakable livery. Quality, elegance, and refined Italian style are the essence of Florian’s product branded lines Gourmet, Lifestyle, and Design. The research for high quality raw materials and the special attention to the packaging are two distinguishing marks of the Florian’s Collections: the delicacy of the Gourmet specialties (coffees, chocolates, teas, biscuits, jams), the elegance of the Lifestyle line (porcelains, fashion accessories, fragrances, books) and the uniqueness of the Design objects, exclusively created in limited edition by internationally renowned artists. All the Florian branded collections are available in our Venice shop, in the Florians worldwide and in our e-shop.
Live the excitement of a special Florian’s experience at home by tasting our Gourmet delicacies, carefully selected and realized by certified producers with the best raw materials. Delicious to both palate and eye, the refined packages are specifically designed to remember the city of Venice and the decorations of the historical Caffè as Venice inspired gifts.
The Lifestyle Collection includes a wide range of items, divided in Home, Fashion and Fragrances.
The Home Line is dedicated to the Florian unique service exclusively on silver trays: coffee and tea cups, mug, creamers, teapots, tea makers, carafes and glasses, trays, spoons, aprons and everything that distinguishes our traditional service for daily use or for special occasions.
The Fashion Line includes small leather accessories, jewels and silken scarfs reproducing the Florian logo and the coffee house decorations. They perfectly match the bags, available in different shades of colours and fabrics: practical, comfortable and elegant, they add an original touch to your look.
Two different Eau de toilettes and five ambiance perfumes characterize the Florian Fragrances Collection: created in collaboration with Lorenzo Dante Ferro, one of the hundred certified Master Perfumers in the world, they are exclusively for the Florian brand.
The Biennale Arte was born in 1893 in the Senate Room of the Caffè: Design objects are dedicated to the special historical bond between Florian and contemporary art. Original pieces created in limited edition by artists who exhibited their works of art and installations inside the Florian’s Rooms.
The Florian branded items are the emblem of the authentic Italian art of living.

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Florian blend “Venezia 1720” ground coffee in tin

There are many legends on the origin of coffee. The most popular tells of an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi who, leading to graze his goats, noticed how they continued to remain vigilant and full of energy after eating the red berries and chewing the leaves of this plant. Because of his curiosity, the shepherd roasted the seeds of the plant eaten by the goats, ground them and made an infusion, obtaining, in this way, the first cup of coffee in history.
In the fifteenth century this kind of drink began to spread in the Middle East. At the end of the 1500s, the first small quantity of coffee arrived in Italy and already in the early 1600s large amounts had landed in Venice.
The exclusive Florian blend is a special blend made for true experts of espresso: it comes from the perfect mix of the extra finest 100% Arabica coffee quality from Central America and Brazil. The beans are ground and immediately packaged to maintain their intense but balanced aroma until they are used. The vacuum packaging guarantees a long preservation and maintenance of their organoleptic properties.
This coffee is proposed in an “old fashioned” red tin decorated with the watercolor image made by the artist Edi Pezzetta that reproduces the entrance of Caffè Florian. The tin can be re-used and easily refilled whenever you need.
“Venezia 1720”: a coffee involving taste and smell for a unique experience since 1720.
Net weight 250 gr

Venetian Rose tea – loose in tin

The Venetian Rose tea, a perfumed blend excellent for all palates, is the result of the perfect balance between black tea and red rose petals, lightly flavoured with bergamot.
The rose is a flower with exceptional properties: it has a special balancing effect on the nervous system but also helps the digestion and produces beneficial effect on sexuality.
The famous Arabic doctor Avicenna, who lived in 10th century, maintained that the rose is the symbol of the evolving soul and he used it as natural remedy for skin regeneration.
The Venetian Rose tea has a floral aroma; its sweet and soft taste makes it ideal with pastries and sweets, especially chocolate.
Particularly delicate and refreshing, it is a revelation when drunk cold "on the rocks".
Loose 100 gr – 3,5 oz

Cappuccino dragées 50 gr

There are several tales about the origin of dragées, or “confetti”.
It is supposed they were already known in Roman times: covered with honey (sugar had not been discovered yet), they were considered as a sort of fine “bon-bon” to be eaten on important occasions.
Another theory traces theirs origin back to 1200 ad: in this case too, they were very appreciated sweets by noble families, who used to keep them in precious decorated boxes.
These “confetti” were already known in Venice, brought to the city by merchants from the Far East and enjoyed during the Carnival celebrations.
Caffè Florian has created its own dragées combining the passion for coffee with the love for chocolate: Cappuccino dragées are roasted coffee beans, 100% Arabica quality, covered with very fine milk chocolate (cocoa minimum 33%).
The sweetness of the chocolate that surrounds the crunchy coffee bean, spread a rich and intense aroma that will give you the right energy and recharge.
Designed for those who prefer the bitter and delicate flavor of milk chocolate to the bitter taste of the fondant.
Individually wrapped to preserve their taste and fragrance over time, they are special when tasted with a good coffee.
Enclosed in a pretty bag, they also become a sweet thought to offer as a present.
Net weight 50 gr - 1,7 oz

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