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Florian blend “Venezia 1720” ground coffee in tin

There are many legends on the origin of coffee. The most popular tells of an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi who, leading to graze his goats, noticed how they continued to remain vigilant and full of energy after eating the red berries and chewing the leaves of this plant. Because of his curiosity, the shepherd roasted the seeds of the plant eaten by the goats, ground them and made an infusion, obtaining, in this way, the first cup of coffee in history.
In the fifteenth century this kind of drink began to spread in the Middle East. At the end of the 1500s, the first small quantity of coffee arrived in Italy and already in the early 1600s large amounts had landed in Venice.
The exclusive Florian blend is a special blend made for true experts of espresso: it comes from the perfect mix of the extra finest 100% Arabica coffee quality from Central America and Brazil. The beans are ground and immediately packaged to maintain their intense but balanced aroma until they are used. The vacuum packaging guarantees a long preservation and maintenance of their organoleptic properties.

Venetian Rose tea – loose in tin

The perfect balance between Chinese black tea and the flavoured "Venetian Rose" tea.

Cappuccino dragées 50 gr

Fine roasted Arabica coffee beans covered in milk chocolate

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