Adrian Tuchel watercolours – small size

The collection of Tuchel’s watercolours portray a dreamy Venice, the same sensation one feels while sitting at Florian’s, the location where stop by and take a rest from everyday’s hectic life. This unconditional love towards this city and the Caffé Florian- a beloved location for many reasons, among which: the place where he met the love of his life, shines through his works. Part of his collection is expressly dedicated to Caffé Florian, including a series of watercolours depicting the Florian historical sign, the doorway, the gallery and the traditional Venetian masks crowding the Café during the Carnival days.
His watercolours become evocative glimpses thanks to the quick brush strokes that combine with a distinct colour palette and light reflections.
A particular personal style, made of an accurate research work that gives life to a minimalism in drawing, transparency and brightness.
Each watercolour is sold together with its own easel.
Available on our e-shop, these paintings become coloured snapshots to gift or simply to keep as impressive memento of a unique city.
Dimensions: 10cm x 15cm

Biography: After art school and architecture studies, Adrian Tuchel progressed through diverse styles of artistic works, beginning with abstracts, then dream-like flower compositions and finally architectural landscapes using pencil, ink and watercolour. Lives with his family in Cambridge, UK, where he has a studio in his garden. He is a member of the Society of Architect Artists in London, a member of Open Studios, Cambridge, and Turner and Ruskin Societies, London.

Adrian Tuchel watercolours – small size

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