Book "Florian, Venezia 1720" by R. de Laroche

Caffè Florian represents an opportunity to renew the Venetian tradition with passion and with an eye to its past: always at the centre of historical and political events, it witnesses trends and traditions, it is a stage of fashion and art which have seen Venice playing the lead role in the past years. From the bright life that turned into the decadence of the Serenissima in the eighteenth century, to political revolution of the nineteenth century, when the Biennale was born, to Belle Epoque and worldliness of the'50s and'60s, until today when Florian is richer than ever of golden hues and living colors after the restoration.

Introduction by Alvise Zorzi
Caffè Florian has survived these epochal changes, the city's progressive depopulation, the loss of rituals and customs, the shocks of economic and social upheavals, and is still the symbol and memento of the Venetian 18th century society that was now living a splendid age of art, of all the arts, in a sort of final firework display before civilization, such as they knew it, came to an end, and with it, the refined and difficult art of knowing how to live and enjoy life. Whoever enters the Florian for the first time may not know it, but there is already enchantment at work; a powerful charm which name, already, comes on our lips like a melody.

Robert de Laroche, french, works as a journalist and a writer. His passion for the venetian day-to-day life and history let us relive the historical events and stories, famous people who attended Florian sitting next to the regular customers, contemporary art exhibitions, details of its decorations and the story of their restoration, through an accurate but at the same time pleasant and fluent description, accompanied by the beautiful pictures of the photographers who collaborated on the project.

Book "Florian, Venezia 1720" by R. de Laroche

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