Venetian Rose tea – silken teabags

Delicate and refreshing black tea and rose petals flavoured with bergamot.
The venetian Rose tea, a classic blend excellent for all palates, is the result of the perfect balance between Chinese black tea and Asian rose petals.
Its floral aroma and its sweet and soft taste make it ideal to combine with pastries and sweets, especially chocolate.
Particularly delicate and refreshing, it is a revelation when cold "on the rocks".
10 silken teabags 30gr - 1,06 oz

Ingredients Chinese black tea, asian rose petals, bergamot

Color Light red

Aroma Floral on bergamot notes

Taste Sweet, persistent, soft

Preparation One teabag per cup with water at 90°
Infusion time 3 minutes

Matching Ideal with biscuits, pastries and chocolate sweetmeats
Superb cold “on the rocks”

Venetian Rose tea – silken teabags

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