Venice Design Souvenirs

The value of a work of art signed by a contemporary artist combined with the memory of an emotion are the distinctive traits of the design objects, exclusively created for Caffè Florian.
They are all art objects to collect and made by the artists that, for the past 35 years, have enriched and transformed the Florian’s Rooms with their installations and works of art.
Although steeped in tradition –Florian opened in 1720! – the Caffè is not only a unique coffeehouse, but is also actively engaged in present-day city life, organizing top-quality cultural events, with particular emphasis on contemporary art.
Florian has a strong bond with the Venice Biennale: the idea to create a special art event, today renown all over the world, was conceived around the marble tables of the Senate Room in 1893. This concept led to the birth of two Florian important artistic event: “Temporanea - The Possible Realities of the Caffè Florian", an exhibition held concurrently with the Art Biennale, and “Unica - A Contemporary Work of Art Work at Caffè Florian”, concurrently with the Biennale Architecture.
Available in limited edition, the Florian design objects are the perfect gift to impress the lovers of beauty with a unique and incomparable piece. They are often sold with the catalogue related to the artist’s art exhibition at Florian’s to witness the strong link between the coffeehouse and contemporary art.
From the Goto vase by Gaetano Pesce designer, a coloured vase in resin created as a manifesto of hope for Venice’s future, to the original “Fished in Venice” glass made by the Venetian artist Antonio Dei Rossi, whose fish-like shape recalls the unmistakable outline of the lagoon city.
Other pieces of design able to give a touch of uniqueness to your home décor are the works created by Massimo Nordio and Silvano Rubino, two Masters of the Venetian glass art: from the round glass bowl with the “F” placed at the bottom inspired by the Venetian Gondoliers' striped uniform, perfect to be used to drop off small objects, to the “Tête à Tête” hand-blown glass or to the “Impossibili” glasses, created in male and female version.
Last but not least, the Murrina necklace pendant by the American artist Judi Harvest: a unique murrina with an important and still today strong message on the front: “Communicate”.
Follow your inspiration: a design object or an artistic jewel will always be the best choice.
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