Fennel and liquorice herbal tea – loose in tin

A mixture of two sweet and fragrant herbs composed by fennel and liquorice root. The absence of caffeine makes it ideal for the whole family at any time of the day. The herbal tea is sweet with slightly woody notes and has a grassy aroma.
To drink pure or with a splash of sugar or honey, it is a perfect after meal, thanks to its digestive properties, and also as a tasty break to pair with cereal or wholegrain biscuits.
Fennel and liquorice are known since ancient times for their therapeutic and beneficial properties.
The ancient Egyptian used fennel to improve digestion while the liquorice for its calming and soothing effects; in India the fennel was included in the aphrodisiac potions and, during the Middle Ages, it was an antidote against witchcraft, while in Greece, it served as an antidote to the bite of venomous reptiles. In China, the liquorice was important against cough and liver problems. The Benedectine monks used it as medical plant, already in the Xth century.
Whole leaf herbs.
Loose 100 gr – 3,5 oz

Ingredients Fennel seeds, licorice root
Caffeine free

Color Yellow

Aroma Grassy and sweet notes

Taste Sweet, pleasant and woody notes

Preparation 2,5 gr per 200 cc of natural mineral water at 90°
Infusion time 4/5 minutes

Matching Ideal with wholemeal biscuits

Fennel and liquorice herbal tea – loose in tin

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