Fine dark chocolate hot cocoa in tin

The Florian dark chocolate hot cocoa preserves the fine and aromatic gluten free blend of the hot chocolate served at the Caffè Florian. Easy to prepare, it is enjoyable at home and with friends.
The tins reproduce the paintings and decorations of the Rooms of the historical Venetian Café, a special edition to be collected:
- Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant traveller of the XIII century, portrayed in the Room of the Illustrious Men, together with nine other characters who made Venice famous and important in the world.
- an allegorical image which enriches the most mysterious and evocative Room of Florian, the Senate Room, together with other frescoes and panels depicting arts and sciences.

Every tin contains 5 bags of 20 gr each.

Recipe for one serving: combine contents of one envelope with 120 ml (half a cup) of milk in a saucepan and heat, stirring constantly. Allow to boil a few seconds over medium heat. Serve immediately. For a luxurious Florian treat, top with freshly whipped cream and serve with Venetian biscuits.

The origin of chocolate dates back to the Mayan people, but it was only in the 16th century that it reached Europe: Spain, France, Holland, Germany, England and finally Venice where the early “coffee shops” began to serve it in a cup.
They say that Giacomo Casanova had his lovers drink it as an aphrodisiac in voluptuous quantities, with added chilli.

Fine dark chocolate hot cocoa in tin

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