Venetian cookies and Italian biscuits

Italian Venetian biscuits and more, all proposed following the Florian artisan recipes, expertly prepared, kneaded and cooked in our Pastry Lab, using only the high-quality raw materials.
Preserving original ingredients and recipes, handed on in the years, each biscuit of the Florian Petite Pâtisserie, tells a story usually linked to the history of the lagoon city.
Esse biscuits come from Burano and the name derives from their shape. Prepared in the ancient time by the fishermen and sailors’ wife, they keep their fragrance and taste for long time and are perfect at the end of the meal to paired with sweet wines.
Ideal to combine with Passito wines are also the Zaeti, the most popular Venetian cookies. The name indicates their most striking feature: the yellow colour coming from the maizen-flour used in the mix, together with the raisins, that make them grainy to the palate.
Simply irresistible, the Brutti ma Buoni biscuits are characterized by their irregular shape and composed by meringue and nuts. Their friability and lightness turn them into a real sin of gluttony hard to give up.
Other Italian biscuits, available online and belonging to the ancient Tuscany tradition, are the Cantucci. They stand out for their unique shape, the almonds in the mix and the double cooking that make them crunchy.
Another great classic of the Italian Pâtisserie are the Baci di Dama biscuits: our Florian Chef’s revisitation make them 100% made with chocolate.
The flavor and taste of the Speziati biscuits is unmistakable: their mix is the right balance of precious and exotic spices, as a tribute to the ancient bond between Venice and the East.
The Florian branded biscuits are a real journey of taste.
You can try them all in their fancy and elegant box to collect, reproducing a detail of the Liberty Room of the Caffé Florian, or, if you already know your favourite, you can choose the single taste biscuit presented in a practical transparent sachet with a dedicated tag, perfect to maintain the freshness of the product. Two solutions to buy for oneself and also two delicious gift ideas to satisfy all the gourmand palates.