Venice Artisan Chocolate: best chocolates gift ideas

Indulge in the true taste of the Italian chocolate, masterfully crafted using only the highest quality cocoa beans. A selection of the finest chocolates especially thought for the most demanding customers: an assorted mix of flavors, aromas and scents typical of the artisan chocolate. A journey into taste, best to savour it slowly, to appreciate the different chocolate nuances: find out your favourites or the one that best suits the moment you are living.
The Florian branded 75 grams chocolate bars, wrapped into an elegant and handy packaging, are an exquisite guarantee of high quality to be kept at home or to bring with you to enjoy a pure moment of relax. Available in 5 different tastes: from the soft and creamy milk chocolate to the intense and enveloping taste of the milk chocolate with pure cocoa beans. The unmistakable sweetness of the white chocolate with assorted nuts, the stronger aroma of the dark chocolate to be tasted in its Ugandan single origin version or matched with notes of orange.
Florian’s chocolate collection includes also a selection of pralines and other Italian chocolate candy, enclosed in fancy gift boxes enriched with a series of watercolors depicting the historical Caffè Florian, signed by the artist Adrian Tuchel.
Sweet delights that will leave every palate satisfied: the uniqueness boat-like shape and the rich taste of the branded gianduiotti, the 3 assorted flavors of the thinner napolitaines chocolates till the soft, velvety consistency of the pralines.
If you have a spicy tooth, Florian created the Casanova Elixir: a 100% made in Venice dark chocolate medallion flavoured with cinnamon, pepper and cloves, made according to the original secret recipe of Giacomo Casanova’s chocolate, who was a regular at Florian’s.
A real classic, the Venice hot chocolate: Florian lists one of the world’s best and most renowned hot chocolate, packed in a sophisticated tin with details evoking the Rooms of the historical Coffee house in St. Mark’s Square.
To complete the chocolate assortment, an elegant brown velvet bag enriched with the Florian golden logo containing gr. 200 of pure cocoa. Inside the bag, also the original recipe and the instructions to prepare a tasty hot chocolate in mug, by adding few simple ingredients: milk, sugar and starch. Also an excellent ingredient to be used to garnish cakes and typical Italian chocolate desserts, such as the tiramisu: one of the great classics of Italian cuisine.