Fruit Delicacies and Italian Artisanal marmalade

Tasty, healthy and extra fruity are the essentials of the Florian extra jams.
Ideal to discover the real authentic taste of the homemade jam, exclusively prepared according to traditional recipes and only using best-quality fruit and 100% natural ingredients.
Highest fruit percentage, minimum sugar content and the addition of only lemon or grapes natural sugar, are the main conditions to obtain an excellent extra jam. Besides, a low temperature cooking helps preserve the original fruit taste and color as well.
The lovely packaging of three or six 40 gr. mini jams jars make them a thoughtful gift for all the jam lovers and sweeten up every moment of the day.
The small size of the packaging is purposely chosen to preserve the freshness of the product and let you taste different jam flavours, every day, depending on your daily preferences.
For the most loyal to genuine and characteristic flavours, the authentic tastes of strawberry, orange and apricot blend together in a sweet set of three, made of unique tastes and scents of the fresh fruit just picked up.
The smooth consistency of the strawberry marmalade and the apricot one as well, make them perfect for your afternoon break, to spread on slices of hot buttered toasts or bread or still using them to fill your handmade jam tart.
Thanks to its pulpy consistency and its rich and distinctive flavor, this Italian orange marmalade match well also with semi-matured cheeses.
To those who dare trying new flavours or suggest new appetizing pairings, the Florian jam collection offer a different set of three including pear, mixed berries and acacia honey. To be paired with cheeses of your choice, it is nowadays the typical combination for gourmand delicacies.
If you belong to those who want to experience new tastes every day, a set of six fruity jams would satisfy your tastebuds. Six dainty flavours to be savoured at breakfast time or anytime during the day, but also the perfect gift for the pickiest ones.