Florian selection of special Italian liquors

Sipped or drank in one shot, the Florian spirits and traditional Italian liquors are the perfect ending to a perfect dinner or simply to enjoy a pure moment of relax.
Made using only the highest quality ingredients, the Florian branded liqueurs are all masterfully assembled and poured into 200 ml. bottles with an elegant silhouette, enriched with a decorated label reproducing the Florian golden logo.
The unmistakable Florian coffee liqueur is prepared by using freshly roasted coffee and contains no artificial flavouring, no colouring agents and no preservatives. The intense scent and the enveloping taste make it able to satisfy everyone’s palate, even the most demanding ones.
One of the most appreciated liqueurs, since ancient times, especially for its energizing proprieties, is also the zabaione liqueur. A lightly alcoholic drink prepared with cream, egg yolk, sugar and Marsala, one of the well-known Italian dessert liqueurs, usually served alone or accompanied by a cup of expresso or crispy cookies.
Soft to the palate and with intense scents of fresh pomace, the Florian Classic Grappa is a timeless after meal digestif. Produced according to the artisanal distillation process of fresh marc, within 24 hours from the racking, the result is a crystal-clear grappa whose taste is a complex bouquet of aromas which makes it an excellent digestif, used also to lace coffee.
Five years ageing in 225-liter limousine oak-barrels, the Florian Grappa Riserva has a soft and round taste, likewise the classic grappa and it distilled with the traditional artisanal method with no addition of flavourings. The 5 years of fermentation helps accentuate its smell and taste, especially the scents of fresh pomace, and the grapes. The strong and intense perfume and the enduring aftertaste makes it a great alternative for an unconventional aperitif or an excellent after meal digestif, accompanied by crunchy cookies or to sip while smoking a cigar.
The aromatic complexity of the Florian liqueurs and grappas is a guarantee of a true authentic product, produced by using the traditional Italian method of distillation, according to the principles of craftsmanship and only using the highest quality ingredients.