Florian selection: tea gift sets loose and in teabags

Let yourself be enchanted by the wide range of rare and fine Florian Italian tea blends.
Loose in leaves, packed into practical and elegant tins to maintain the aromas and guarantee freshness, or available in elegant hand-sewn silken tea bags enclosed in lovely bags, our tea blends are perfect for tea lovers, to try new flavours and to amaze family and friends with original tea gift sets.
The Florian offer is rich in classical teas but also in its particular selection of flavoured teas and infusions, to make every break relaxing and sublime and to fully enjoy the daily 5 o'clock tea time.
For those who follow tradition and love the classic teas, Florian’s choice is among the best tea blends prepared using premium quality raw materials preserving their purest aroma: the full-bodied English Breakfast, the lightly spiced Darjeeling, the citrusy Imperial Earl Grey, the strong Gunpowder Supreme and the velvety Pai Mu Tan tea.
From the traditional black teas, characterized by a higher oxidation than the other typologies, to green tea, one of the most consumed teas in the world thanks to its healthy properties, to end up with the precious white tea; whose legend tells that the tender white tea buds were reserved as a gift for the Chinese Emperor and that young girls used to cut them at dawn with gold scissors.
A rich selection of different kind of classic teas to satisfy the fans of these ancient beverage.
Should you desire to taste alternative flavours, the Florian wide range of aromatic tea blends will conquer your palate.
The offer includes different scented black teas: the “Venetian Mosaic” tea with orange peel and lavender flowers, the full-bodied “Venice 1720”, an Orange Pekoe tea spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, the floral “Venetian Rose” with rose petals and bergamot, the “Triumphant Venice”, a Japanese green tea enriched with jasmine flowers. Also the Rooibos are available in two different flavours: the “Venetian Dream” and the “Venetian Red”, scented with fruits an dflowers, they are more commonly known as red tea, to remember their vermilion colour.
Special infusions are also listed in the Florian tea collection: the fennel and liquorice herbal tea and the fruits infusion with karkadé, orange peel, rose hips and cinnamon. Both caffeine-free, these two blends are perfect for the whole family and at any time of the day.
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