Italy Souvenir Bags and Fashion

Are you looking for an Italian fashion souvenir?
Organize your life with style with the Florian Fashion Collection: original shopping bags, elegant shoulder bags, light and fresh scarves, practical pouches and colorful small leather accessories of all kinds.
The Florian shopping bags are available in different fabrics, lathers and in various shades of colours: from the precious leather to the practical canvas, without forgetting the special and bright linen and cotton version and the soft suede, classic or glittered… there is a bag for every season of the year and every occasion.
Practical and simple, the shopper is easy to combine with different looks; it is considered a chic accessory to match with branded pouches and other small leather goods, on sale in different shades of colours. Everyday objects usually put in a woman’s bag, like keys, glasses, cell phone, but also pocket mirror and jewels, find their perfect accessory to be paired with, characterized by the quality and originality of the Florian branded products.
The Collection of the Venice bags of the historical Caffè, rigorously Made in Italy by a craftsman, is enriched with the particular and versatile neoprene line that includes shoppers, pouches, but also stylish clutches and practical pencil cases; the two latter are also distinguished by the traditional Caffè Florian “candy-shaped” antique sign reproduced in a charm with a handy snap-hook.
The Fashion Collection also includes the refined silken scarves, created in Italy and available in six different colours. The decorative motifs replicated the muse paintings of the Senate Room and other decorations of the Chinese and Oriental Rooms of Caffè Florian. This scarf is a versatile accessory that can be wear in many different ways: the classic carrè whose dimensions are 90x90 cm, can be worn knotted at the neck, as a headwear or as a belt.
All the Florian Fashion accessories are eclectic, synonym of Italian fashion accessories: the perfect “friend” to give a touch of style to your outfit and be fashionable.
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