Venice fragrances

Venice was a flourishing and prosperous center for the trade and commerce of precious spices and unguents from the East. Unknown spices, fragrant oils and resins were brought back by navigators and explorers returning from voyages to distant lands. Thanks to the availability of these new and exotic oils and spices, the early knowledge of techniques in blending them and the means of preserving these essences within the beauty of fine Murano glass, Venice became a natural location for the creation of perfumes. The fame of these artistic glassmakers was so great that they began to be lured away to France, England and Austria.
In 1535, the term Profumieri or Unguentari (perfumers) was reserved for those in Venice belonging to a rapidly growing sector. The first perfumer's boutiques (boteghe) were opened and run by the Muschieri in Venice. Even the first books concerning the Ars Profumatoria were printed in Venice in 16th century.
Containing only natural essential oils telling about the never-ending story and the tradition of the historic Caffè, the Florian perfume collection is the result of the collaboration with Lorenzo Dante Ferro, the last Venetian Master Perfumer and one of the one hundred Perfumers in the world with this special and unique talent.
Rare and original, the Venetian branded fragrances are divided in two different categories: Eau de Toilette and ambiance perfumes that have various scents each one narrating its own story.
Inspired by the renowned eau de cologne, Florian Aqua Admirabilis is valued for its golden and freshness revelations of citrus fruit, jasmine and lilium. Aqua Moresca is a rich and sumptuous perfume, created for connoisseurs, which highlights the bond between Venice and the East.
These two refined eau de toilettes are presented in an elegant glass bottle adorned with a precious Murano glass bead containing gold dust and gold foil.
Basing on four Rooms of the historical Caffè, the selection of ambiance perfumes comes from the perfect balance of different essences, some more intense and spiced, and other cooler and redined.
The Florian Essenza (Essence) Collection involves olfactory memories to recreate the incomparable atmosphere of the Florian’s; it is available as an elegant fragrance diffuser, a hand-crafted scented candle and a practical vapo.
A perfume, a memory, an emotion, but also the affirmation of one's personality: these are the Florian fragrances.
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