Florian porcelains: Italian tea and coffee cups set …and much more to dress up your table!

Classic and timeless lines combined with original shapes are the distinguishing traits of the Florian service and the essence of the Florian Lifestyle Home collection.
Fine porcelains, sophisticated silver-plated trays and refined glasses: ideal to classy dress up your table, especially on special occasions. From the “Anniversario” ceramic coffee cups line, enriched with the branded logo coated with gold and blue colours, exclusively made to celebrate Caffè Florian’s 275° Anniversary, to the “Impero” fine coffee cups that can be paired with the branded brass filter to prepare brewed coffee according to the original Turkish tradition.
Belonging to the “Anniversario” collection also the porcelain creamers, mug and teapot, particularly used to prepare an excellent branded tea loose in leaves or in filter bags. All of them are daily used at Caffè Florian.
Dedicated to all the tea lovers, the modern tea maker in pyrex, marked with the serigraphy of the branded logo, is the perfect way to make a Florian flavoured tea.
In addition to the ceramic coffee cups and the morning tea cups, the Florian Home Collection offers a wide selection of branded glasses.
From the wine and the champagne glasses which best suit both fresh and delicate white wines, sparkling wines and yet full-bodied red wines, to the “Old-fashioned” glass, used at the Cafè to serve the typical Venetian aperitif “Spritz” or simply a glass of water, often poured from the “Florina”, the 1920’s exclusive Florian carafe.
A set of refined special glasses, supported by a silver-coated glass stand and perfect to be used for serving ice-creams, a delicious Gianduiotto or the divine hot chocolate Florian is also part of the branded Home line. All the pieces of the set are marked, on the front, with the classic logo of the “leone in moeca”.
The Florian set is furtherly enriched with the branded silverware: silver-plated trays, the fancy afternoon tea stand and the teaspoons set, the emblem of an impeccable service. All of them are entirely handmade in Italy with care of every single detail.
Looking for the Florian atmosphere at home?
Do not miss the branded coffee cup gift sets and tea cup gift sets, available online under the branded Gift collection category. The Florian Home collection will undoubtedly decorate your house with style!
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