Pai Mu Tan white tea - loose in tin

The special freshness of the Pai Mu Tan white tea and the fact that it is collected only twice a year, make it quite magic. The legend tells that the tender white tea buds were reserved as a gift for the Emperor and that young girls would use gold scissors to cut them.
This prized, rare and expensive tea consists of whole green leaves and buds of white-silver and has a unique and unmistakable taste, able to satisfy even the most refined palates.
Loose 30 gr

Ingredients Chinese white tea

Color Yellow pale

Aroma Delicate taste of honey

Taste Smooth and round, its sweetness like honey has a long persistence in the mouth

Preparation 2 gr per 200 cc of natural mineral water at 90°
Infusion time 5/6 minutes

Matching Ideal with light and fresh cheese and desserts with cream

Pai Mu Tan white tea - loose in tin

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