Venetian Dream tea – loose in tin

Rooibos, apple, cinnamon and vanilla flavours, almond pieces: these are the magical ingredients that make the Florian Venetian Dream.
This excellent Rooibos, so called in African language and also known with the name of redbush or African red tea, is the final product of the elaboration of the leaves of a bush with the same name which grows in South Africa.
The traditional preparation includes the collection of leaves and twinges, minced with wooden mashers, that generally undergo an oxidation, often termed “fermentation”. This process produces a distinctive amber red blend with natural sweet taste.
Rooibos is being more and more appreciated among western tea consumers thanks to its antioxidant properties.
Caffeine-free, it is rich of mineral salts which make it the perfect beverage for everybody, suitable for children and adults at any time of the day.
Loose 100 gr - 3,5 oz

Ingredients Rooibos tea of South Africa, apple pieces, almond pieces
Caffeine free

Color Red amber

Aroma Sweet and spicy on almonds notes

Taste Soft, sweet, mild

Preparation 2,5 gr per 200 cc of natural mineral water at 90°
Infusion time 3 minutes

Matching Ideal with cookies, shortbreads, fruit tarts and cakes

Venetian Dream tea – loose in tin

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