Venetian Mosaic tea - loose in tin

The soft taste and intense oriental aroma distinguish the Florian Venetian Mosaic tea, which comes from the combination of black teas, orange peel and cornflower petals, its peculiar ingredient.
Cornflower, the medicinal flower with a thousand properties whose specific name is Centaurea Cyanus, is considered an excellent natural remedy, especially for the well-being of the eyes and mucous membranes.
Several legends are told about this flower with its heady scent and blue colour: one of the oldest ones tells that the goddess Flora, in love with Cyanus, after founding him dead in a field full of cornflowers, decided to give those flowers the name of her beloved.
In the language of flowers it is a symbol of lightness and sweetness. Traditionally, in some European countries, the cornflower means sincere friendship, while in the East it is customary to give the cornflower to a loved one in the hope of finding a bond with him/her.
Loose 100 gr – 3,5 oz

Ingredients Chinese black tea, orange peel, cornflower petals

Color Red-brown

Aroma Strong of citrus on black tea background notes

Taste Rounded with long-lasting citrus aftertaste

Preparation 2,5 gr per 200 cc of natural mineral water at 90°
Infusion time 3 minutes

Matching Ideal with dark chocolate cakes, plain cookies

Venetian Mosaic tea - loose in tin

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