Venetian Mosaic tea - teabags

An intense aroma and a delicate taste characterize the Florian Mosaic Tea, a combination of Chinese black teas, orange peels and lavender flowers, its peculiar ingredient.
Lavender is a beautiful plant with rich shades of lilac and purple; it has several beneficial and healing properties and is characterized by a dashing scent.
Its origins are surrounded by mystery and told differently according to several traditions and legends.
One of the most intriguing is the one about Venus, the goddess of love, who used to help heartbroken women prepare special potions to make the men they loved reciprocate their feelings: this is the tea of love, happiness and well-being.
10 silken teabags 30 gr – 1,06 oz

Ingredients Chinese black tea, orange peel, lavender flowers

Color Red-brown

Aroma Strong of citrus on black tea background notes

Taste Rounded with long-lasting citrus aftertaste

Preparation 1 teabag for one cup
Infusion time 3 minutes

Matching Ideal with dark chocolate cakes, plain cookies

Venetian Mosaic tea - teabags

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