Venice 1720 tea - teabags

Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are the ingredients of the original blend of Venice 1720 tea, a refined black Orange Pekoe coming from Sri Lanka and composed only by the last two leaves and from the apical bud of the tea plant.
The spices recall the trade that made Venice famous during the centuries of the Serenissima Republic: this blend is a tribute to the lagoon city and to Caffè Florian, opened in Venice since 1720.
The warm scent of spices and the full-bodied flavour, make it perfect to accompany sweet and savoury morning breakfasts and also for a fragrant afternoon break with homemade cakes.
10 silken teabags 30 gr - 1,06 oz

Ingredients Sri Lanka black tea, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg

Color Deep, bright copper

Aroma Hints of wood and spices

Taste Full, round and spicy

Preparation 1 teabag for one cup
Infusion time 3 minutes
Drink pure or with a touch of sugar or honey

Matching Ideal with savoury or sweet breakfasts and also in the afternoon homemade cakes

Venice 1720 tea - teabags

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