Venice Triumphant tea – loose in tin

The Venice Triumphant tea comes from a special blend of Japanese green tea and jasmine flowers gathered at dawn, when their scent is at its best, to create a very perfumed tea with an unmistakable flavour, fruity and floral.
Thanks to the presence of jasmine flowers, it is considered a lucky tea: the first person in Italy to have this special plant was the Duke of Florence, Cosimo I de’ Medici. Jealous of his jasmine flowers, he hid the plant in his garden. But one day, his gardener gave this particular flower to his fiancée and she fell in love enough to grow the plant in her garden. The jasmine plant of the two lovers became vigorous and luxuriant, letting the couple cultivate new plants. The people who saw those beautiful flowers started asking the girl to have one, and this trade made the fortune of the newlywed.
The legend tells that all the jasmine plants cultivated in Italy come from the tiny jasmine flower stolen from the Medici residence. Since then, it is common tradition in Tuscany that the bride adds a jasmine sprig to her weeding bouquet to grant her and her future husband luck and prosperity.
The Venice Triumphant tea is good to sip both hot and cold; especially during the summer, serve it cold to have a quite refreshing drink.
Loose 100 gr – 3,5 oz

Ingredients Japanese green tea, jasmine flowers

Color Dark golden yellow

Aroma Floral and fruity

Taste Light, pleasant, fresh and fruity

Preparation 2/3 gr per 200 cc of mineral natural water at 85°
Infusion time 2/3 minutes

Matching Excellent with sweet dishes in general, even with chocolate

Venice Triumphant tea – loose in tin

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