Sunset in Venice herbal tea – loose in tin

Special aromatic fruit infusion, refreshing in summer and invigorating in winter. A harmony of flavours that becomes pleasant food for the mind and the soul with karkadé and rosehips, orange and cinnamon, harmonized by sweet vanilla notes.
The absence of caffeine makes it ideal for the whole family at any time of the day.
This herbal tea matches perfectly with plain cookies, sponge cakes, shortbreads.
Loose 100 gr – 3,5 oz

Ingredients Karkadè, orange peel, rosehips, cinnamon
Caffeine free

Color Bright red

Aroma Orange and cinnamon on sweet vanilla notes

Taste Fruity, slightly acidulous and full-bodied

Preparation 4 gr per 200 cc di acqua a 90°
Infusion time 4/6 minutes

Matching Ideal with plain cookies, sponge cakes and almond shortbreads

Sunset in Venice herbal tea – loose in tin

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